A Day With My Dad

I remember as a little kid waiting for my dad to get home so I could jump out and scare him as he came through the door. I'm pretty sure I never scared him but he always acted surprised. Then there were the times playing catch for hours on end without complaint even though now I know there was probably so many other things he could have been doing. My dad always went out of his way to make sure that he spent enough time with me. He taught me to fish, hunt, play ball, drive, work and overall how to me a man and not just any kind of man but a man of God. I remember those days like it was yesterday, I don't remember a lot from being a kid but I remember time spent with dad, I remember the anticipation of each event. Now at age 27 it is still really the same. This last weekend, my dad and I played in a golf scramble together. We didn't win, heck we didn't even come close to winning but I feel like I won because I got to spend a day with my dad. All week before the tournament I anticipated the day I would soon be spending with just him and me. Too many times when I'm around him I have to share him with my family, and my girls (which he is quite fond of) but not on this day, on this day for just awhile I was 8 years old again looking up at the greatest man in my life ready for the adventure that lie ahead. These days I don't look at him in as much awe as before, like daddy can do anything, but more with respect, love and admiration for a great man who is everything I want to be. It was an awesome day, a day that has now been logged into my memory bank of all the great father and son things we have done. I guess it just goes to show you, you are never to old for a day with your dad.


    Never too old...

    What a wonderful legacy he has given you. You are truly blessed.

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