I'm really tired today. School was absolutely boring, and I still have a 3 hour lab tonight!!! Really can't see the light at the end of the tunnel, at least not today. I was looking online for something inspriational and instead found this, actually today it seems more fitting. :)


    I am, for one, so glad you have joined the ranks. I've always marvelled at your writing skills and enjoy your stories so much. Can't wait to read all you have waiting!

    I know your baby has grown up fast, I can't hardly believe it when I think about it, but I can honestly say, you are the best daddy I have ever known. Aunt Lani is very, very, proud of you.

    You figured out what alot of men may never figure out. What is really important in life. You have given your family...YOU! No job, or big bucks can ever compare to that.

    Love ya!

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