My Girls

Since I am just starting this blog thing I have some catching up to do. I at first thought all this blogging was pointless until I realized I write a journal daily and might as well share some of those thoughts with everyone else. I love my girls. Pam is truly the love of my life. I honestly do not know how or why she has stayed with me all this time but she has. We just celebrated our 8th anniversary and I can honestly say I love her more now than the day I married her. We have been through alot but it has made us who we are and I wouldn't change a thing. MaKayla is my mini me. She wants to do whatever I do, and wear whatever I wear and gets upset if I try and make her act more like a girl. She loves to hunt, fish, golf and play all sports. She will make a cool wife someday although I'm not ready to think about that right now. She is very quick witted and very sarcastic. We were recently talking about tests we have to take in school and I was explaining that I had a test with just 2 questions. She laughed and said "that's easy!" I then explained that each question had to be answered in 3-5 pages each. She said "wow that's alot." Then stood up and with extreme sarcasm said "well, good luck with that," and walked off. Don't know where she gets that sarcasm from. :) Tamara, she is my baby. She loves daddy to baby her and treat her like a princess. However, she is also like a piece of flubber. She never stops moving and is wild and crazy. She goes at everything she does 110% with no fear of injury until after it has happened. At 4 she jumped off a 10 foot diving board at Balmorhea (that Pam was afraid to go off of), at 5 she climbed a pole in front of our house and touched the roof, and learned to ride her bike without training wheels, (something she will point out that sister didn't learn to do until she was 7) and the list goes on and on. She loves being a cowboy, and thinks she would be a good bull rider. Recently her and MaKayla were playing and MaKayla was the bull and Tamara was the cowboy. MaKayla was bucking around and wouldn't set still for Tamara to mount up so Tamara yells out, "quit moving ya damn bull!" After I gained composure in the other room from laughing I asked her why she said that and she told me that's what she heard the cowboys say on T.V. , and that's my Tamara. I love my girls, there is never a dull moment, but never a moment I don't feel completely loved.


    Thanks for making me cry...thanks a lot.

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