It has been a long time since I felt like I had a church I could call home. It has been a real struggle over the last year and a half to find the place God wanted my family to be in. Now I'm not going to say that we have found that place for sure yet but maybe we have. We have tried lots of churches in Odessa and Midland since leaving Harvest Time, and nothing was right. We even tried Temple Baptist once and at the time didn't really care for it, why I don't know, we just didn't. Well recently Temple has built a new building and changed from Baptist to Nondenominational and is now called Crossroads Fellowship. Our good friends invited us to come try it out and reluctantly we went, thinking we have already been here and didn't like it, only this time it was different. Our children absolutely loved it, and the service was really good. Not as fiery as the services we were used to, but God was there and the preaching was awesome. So to make a long story short, we have continued going there and it is continually growing on us and best of all our girls are happy and looking forward to going and everyone makes us feel welcome. I have been praying God would send us in the right direction and in his time he did. Now as soon as I can figure out how to get God on my clock, things will go a whole lot smoother in my life :)


    Well, I for one, am very excited!
    I've been praying for God to show you where He wants you. I know it's hard since your buddy left and your wonderful aunt and uncle! But God has a work for YOU to do. So get busy!

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