Today I feel blessed. Not because I'm having some super spectacular day, actually it's been quite the opposite. Yet I feel blessed anyhow. I feel blessed because God allowed me to wake up this morning. I feel blessed because the love of my life was there laying beside me to kiss me and tell me good morning. I feel blessed because I got to wake my girls up with a hug and a kiss and get them ready for school. I feel blessed because I have a wonderful home and cars that work. I feel blessed that God has given me the means and ability to go to school and better myself and my family. I feel blessed for the income that God has provide my family with. I feel blessed that I live in a country with so many freedoms and so many men and women defending those freedoms for me and my family daily. There are so many days that these things and more go overlooked in the hustle and hurry and stresses of everyday life but these blessings are awesome and more than I deserve. It's sad that it sometimes takes seeing other people's losses to realize all you have. Today my heart has been sad for Rhonda, Sydney, and Tiffany Mitchell who lost a Husband and a Daddy last night. He was a great man of God and is in heaven right now singing and rejoicing as he always did here on earth. Thank you God for one more day and all that you have given me for I know that I am truly blessed.


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