Seven things you never knew about me and now wish you didn't. Or as you put it...Seven strange/weird/crazy things about me: How in the world did this strange thing come about?? Okay here goes nothing.

1. I am a perfectionist. It is almost to the point most of the time that it becomes compulsive. It drives my wife crazy but I like things done a certain way and I feel like it should be done right if you are going to do it. This is also the one thing that pretty much drags me down and consumes me most of the time. Do you realize how hard it is trying to be perfect? My favorite saying about all this is "What drives me, destroys me."

2. I love all kinds of music. I am not particular really to one type of music. I love well written songs or songs with deep meaning. If you can feel the writer or artists emotions in a song that is awesome to me. I love old country, my favorite is Don Williams. I could sit and just have the lights down low and ole Don in the back ground softly crooning. However, I really like how Eminem writes as well. I know alot of his songs are vulgar but some of his songs where he writes about himself are really revealing and you can really tell how he feels. I am a definite music lover, we recently got cable internet and I am now constantly downloading good songs. My I-tunes library is as diverse as it gets.

3. I like to write. Writing is one of the few things in life that I don't have to think about to do. I can just sit down at a computer and write and write. I can bull corn my way through a history paper or just sit and write like I'm doing now. It really doesn't matter what I write I just like to write. I don't like to be told to write something though. That makes me mad, I like to have options.

4. I hate Mexican food. I know this could possibly be the weirdest thing I could possibly say living in Odessa, TX but it is true. I mean it's not healthy, it gives me gas, and it's not pretty to look at before or after you eat it! I like hamburgers, love steaks and BB-Q and any other of the what I call "cowboy foods," but I just can't do Mexican food. It is my wife's favorite so at times I have to make exceptions but I'm always looking for those chicken strips or salads on the menu.

5. I am a cowboy at heart. If I had it my way I would live out in the middle of nowhere. I would heat my house with a black kettle stove and hunt and fish for my food. I would ride my horse to town and my spurs would jingle when I walked. I love to wear cowboy hats and boots and mess with livestock, I like a simple life with no t.v., no radio, just my wife and kids and nature around me. I hate how fast paced life is and wish there was some way to slow it down. I would move to a tiny town in a second if I didn't think all my girls would be bored to death.

6. I'm addicted to working out. My day feels empty without a trip to the gym. I can be having the worst day and after an hour and a half of working out, everything is better. I love elliptical machines they make it much easier for me to do cardio, since in my older age running creates great pain for my back and ankles. If I go more than a day without working out, I am a grouch. I don't ever feel satisfied with how I look though. No matter how in shape I am or how much my wife or other people compliment I always want more. I guess that's the perfectionist in me coming out again.

7. I really don't like body hair. I know this is a weird one and since everyone else threw one in I figured I would too but I guess this is my one thing I really don't like. I mean we are humans not woolly mammoths so why do we need hair? If I am cold I will put on warm clothes, I don't need hair to keep me warm. Oh and heaven forbid my wife goes a day without shaving, you could exfoliate and elephants back with her prickly legs. I'm pretty sure that goes for all women though. I remember as a kid my mom running her leg across me and thinking "dang cactus leg, keep to yourself!" Now I know some people think hair is sexy and good for them but I am not one of them. I like smooth hairless skin! There so now you know I'm weird but think about all the time men and women could save if we didn't have to shave. I rest my case.

I hope I never get tagged again this was hard work, but now I tag Pam(if she ever blogs again) or whoever else reads this because everyone else I know is already tagged :)


    okay, most of this I already sorta knew, or suspected. but I never knew you hated mexican food. I am beside myself, really! And all those mexican pile one birthday dinners we had at nan's.

    And why would you ever worry about your girls being bored with you around. I swear you'll be a hermit in the mountains in your old age. No really. with don williams crooning in the breeze of the pine trees while your fishing. but you will be cleaned shaven.

    and aunt lani will always read anything and everything you write.

    i love it!

    oh yeah...

    do you think pam WILL ever blog again? I check it still.

    I know there is always hope as long as she is breathing.

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