Probably Didn't Deserve That!!!!

Okay, I'll probably get in trouble for telling this. Wait, no....I'm sure I'll get in trouble for telling this but here it goes anyway. For those of you that don't know, my wife is an adventurous sleeper. Many a night, she has awoken me to her walking down our hall, falling out of bed, standing up in our bed, sticking her head in the ceiling fan, trying to leave the house....and the list goes on. I mean it's not her fault, she never recalls any of it but it makes for outstanding party time stories. (although they always lead to me getting into trouble) Well the other night she took it to a whole new level. I'm laying there fast asleep, probably dreaming about, hunting or fishing or kissing my beautiful wife or something along those lines when, ...WHAM!! I feel this sudden smack up side my head. Out of natural instinct I tuck and roll trying to remember some moves I have seen on a Jackie Chan movie or in UFC fight, thinking that I am going to have to defend my household from an intruder. At about the same time, I hear "Oh my God I hit you!" "Oh I'm so sorry I hit you!" As I open my one good eye I see Pam there fist clenched in horror at what she had just done, yet she was still fast asleep. (Its good to know that her subconscious has a conscious) Well I couldn't think of anything nice to say to Muhammad Alsleepy, so I just got up and went to the bathroom to survey the damage. Sure enough, my right eye was swelling up. Now I wanted to go defend my honor against the sleeping warrior, but decided I might lose that fight, so I surrendered to the couch to ice down my eye, watch sports center and nurse my wounded pride. I got beat up by a sleeping girl. (Note to self, go buy a cushioned boxing helmet to sleep in or else face the consequences.)

P.S. If y'all see me with a black eye, know now it was because I told this story not because she hit me again while I was sleeping!


    that is stinkin' hilarious! you're too funny!

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